7 signs of long relationships

In the heat of an argument may seem that your marriage - a mistake and you do not bind anything. But the years go by, and you're still together and realize that love each other ... And sometimes, a union that seems idyllic in all respects, suddenly breaks down due to the little things. How to understand how strong marital relationship in reality? Psychologists often wonder about the underlying fundamentals of successful marriage. Elements of stability can be very much and it is not necessarily regular candlelit dinners or absence of disputes and quarrels. Learn more with our webcam random gay chat. Here are some of the components of a successful alliance:

1. Do you often think about your partner in his absence?

The more often we dream about partner when he is not with us, the more we are in love with him - found American psychologists from the University of Stony Brooke, the survey of 300 couples. This is especially true for lovers of men: they are particularly badly missing their life partner and expect them to return.

2. You enjoy good news in each other's lives

Like the last time you reacted to the positive changes in the life of your partner? The more enthusiasm you showed at the same time, the bright prospects of your relationship to the next few months. The so-called active-constructive reaction to the increase is: "I knew that you can do it, because you're a great employee. "Active-destructive response - "And now you will be delayed even longer in office?". Not surprisingly, the people who support their spouse are more likely to mark their golden wedding together.


The desire to spend with her husband all the free time does not help the marriage, says social psychologist Eli Finkel. Recognition "You are everything for me " is too big a load for the second half. Finkel calls this a "suffocating family model." Ideally, each of the spouses should have their own space, friends, hobbies and business life.

4. You have same jokes

The psychologist and the founder of dating site eHarmony Neil Clark Warren called humor "lubricant" of romantic love. The ability to have a good laugh at each other's company, and the "secret" language of humorous nicknames and phrases pull together and accompanied by understanding.

5. You have rqual share household responsibilities

Equitable distribution of household responsibilities is on the 3rd place in the list of factors that define a happy marriage after fidelity and good sex, a study of the analytical center Pew Research Center.

6. You love get new experience together

"Paired" travel, extreme sports, walking on different routes can, when necessary, to dispel the boredom and translate family life to a new level, says family psychologist Arthur Aron.

7. YOUR life together does not reminds a "roller coaster"

The marriage-oriented partner, generally there is peace and harmony, but problems arise when the forced separation. This is the most harmonious union. Psychologist Brian Ogolski and his team interviewed more than 400 couples and found that in all there are 4 types of relations: conflict, socio-involving, partnerships and dramatic.