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Random gay chat is the most popular gay text chat . Daily Chat visited by more than 400 000 users all around the world. Randomchat favorably with all chat and provides a unique opportunity for dialogue. Here is a short list of the main advantages of our chat. To start chatting, simply press a single button - "Start", and instantly text you will pick up the interlocutor.

To use gay text chat, you do not have to be registered, and most importantly a completely free chat. Simplicity and convenience - this is the main secret of the gay text sex chat popularity. Many people are not easy to talk to a stranger on the street, much less meet. People are afraid to take the first step, so as not to seem intrusive, and the guys are afraid of failure. It is difficult to guess whether or not a person is ready to talk to you in real life. Because of this, often suffer and the gay people. It is not very nice guys get when meeting failure, especially in the street, in front of everyone. But the people do not want to be imposed on the guy, we want to chat and familiarity ensued itself.

Social networking is not much solved the problem, because there is talk mostly already familiar with each other people. Free gay text chat solves this problem! If you meet someone in a chat, then the source is ready for communication and acquaintance.

Our main rules

  • While you enjoying a conversation in our gay chat room text site, it is prohibited to insult your interlocutor with swearwords or something like this;
  • Any kind of advertisement, that is directed on free gay chat text sites is prohibited;
  • You must be 18 years old if you want to use our text chat;
  • If you don’t like the person, with witch you are communicating – just switch him to another one interlocutor.

Main benefits for our users and audience

Sometimes, when we dealing with a new acquaintance or a person are not possible to understand is this person interesting, clever, witty, and so on. A Beautiful guy can be stupid and lame, and interesting guy - a bore and a coward. Sometimes longer on the first date, knowing the person better want to turn and run. Why continue to communicate with the person who you are not interested? In the free gay text chat just click "Next" button at our random gay text chat and the chat will switch you to a new conversation. With the advent of internet communication and dating became available.

There are many dating sites and free gay text chat, but only lets you know the person well. Why to waste time on tedious correspondence, if using possibilities of your computer to chat with your new friends or partners instantly, anytime you want. It is difficult to know how to be a person on the Internet. Direct communication cannot replace letters and words from a certain text chat gay users.

Especially on the Internet a lot of scams that use other people's photos. In the chat roulette you can see and hear the other party in real time. Gay chat text is much more convenient to make new friends!

Find new friends with Randomchat

Each person is sometimes not enough communication. And it is not always about all you can talk with friends and family.

Randomchat gay chat text gives the opportunity to share your thoughts or experiences with a new random person who knows nothing about you and you also do not know. Due to the fact that the gay sex text chat is anonymous, no one can know more about you than you do about yourself tell. It does not matter whether you want the funny dialogue to set the mood or emotional conversations sincere in gay text chat rooms you can easily find the right person, and perhaps even a friend and the love of your life.