Catch him on the network: the rules of successful online dating

In XXI century, for people, perhaps, is easier to meet in a social network than on the street. And many are trying to find love or life partner on dating sites. Together with the psychologist Samantha Orlova, we find out how to make a good impression there. Getting on the Internet usually starts with correspondence, and sharing photos. However, the majority finds that it is not enough. Continue familiarity can be a virtual date on Skype or through the exchange of video messages Skype. Samantha Orlova, author of the book "Catch it online! The rules of successful online dating ", a practicing psychologist and radio, provides guidance as to win over the person and make a good impression, using the new formats of communication. Learn more with our random gay chat blog.


Most important, what people pay attention when they first met - is the emotional background. Man tuned negative or pessimistic, most likely, not be able to make a good impression. Facial expressions can tell a lot about the hidden thoughts: drooping lip corners, creases between the eyebrows, frowning - signs of closeness and unwillingness to go on contact. Smile - that's your main tool, if you want to show your good humor and willingness to communicate. What has just enough smiling eyes. Before the actual date or before record video, do some practice in front of a mirror.

Be confident

Smile is the key not only to the external well-being, but also to the inner self-confidence. Nice to talk with someone who does not suffer from complexes, isn’t it? Confidence helps to quickly find a common language with new acquaintances. Therefore, in preparation for virtual communication to be tuned in a positive way - to convince himself that all will end well.


It is not that once flaunt. But the tone of voice, melody and intonation is incredibly important. Ideal - is a peaceful dialogue without the high intonation. The first communication can be used more adjectives and epithets, gently tell about the hobbies, but do not talk too much: men do not like excessive aggressiveness and endless questions.

More does not mean better

It is not necessary to lay out at once too much information about yourself it is not profitable, but it is necessary to generate interest. The best option is to send 5-6 photos and mini-videos for every two messages from the man responsible one. The main thing is not to ignore the interlocutor: a response to the 10 posts - an unequal battle. No one would guess about your liking, if you do not manifest it.


Men are like artists: they draw images and notice the smallest details. Too candid photos and videos do not leave room for imagination. The best way to keep the interest is stick to the original image. Shoot video best from the front, ¾ - not the best view.


Common interests are incredibly important. No matter how attractive you are, to keep the attention of the interlocutor can only be showing a genuine interest in what he likes. He loves gadgets - ask about the application, which it considers best, loves sports - record video in the gym. Do not hesitate to ask for advice and to show their weakness. Video message with a small request to make man show features jousting.