Cheating or cynicism

In all its dimensions, infidelity will present the duality of deceit / cynicism as an axis that will affect relationships. Do not forget that cynicism is a form of psychological maltreatment. To avoid being frowned upon, some couples passively accept the betrayal of the other, in an endless chain of repressed problems. Keep eye on our blog and welcome to our free gay chatroulette.

Pseudo-cultural Trends Promoting Infidelity

  • There is currently a widespread trend in the media to promote infidelity with multiple expressions ranging from music, advertising, cinema or soap operas.
  • But pornography is definitely the biggest ingredient that promotes the lack of loyalty between couples, with the added aggravation that the usual look of pornographic scenes or movies produces sexual addictions of unpredictable consequences.
  • More serious still is the "swinger" phenomenon that promotes new models of infidelity where couples make covenants to accept promiscuity, allowing and / or witnessing relationships with other couples.
  • Supposedly there would be no infidelity because they both consent to such treatment, but in addition to the serious implications for the stability of the couple, their morality, ethics and psychology, they introduce into the relationships ingredients that sooner or later will generate insurmountable contradictions in the couple and Mistrust of falling in love, products of those fleeting encounters.
  • The swinger practice is decadent by its expressions, contrary to the true love, that obeys to a laws and an economy whose violation degenerates in feelings alien to him, becoming breeding ground for the antivalores.

Confront Infidelity and fight for relationships

In front of the phenomenon there is easy, revanchist or cynical outlets as opposed to AFRONTAR, DIALOGAR, REFLECT TO FUND, and SEEK HELP IF NECESSARY AND SAVE RELATIONSHIPS.

In this struggle against individual, family and social decadence, to save the monogamous relationship of the couple, to preserve the family and to say, thus it is very little adapted to the fashion, that the infidelity is the expression that can affect any person and must be faced as an exercise in personal growth for the sake of two people who at some point said they loved each other and for some reason lost their horizon.

The vision of the professionals of the Psychology

Some psychologists, also driven by economic interests, or following cultural patterns of postmodernism, openly support infidelity as a factor that "refreshes relationships and introduces new elements in them to preserve them." Because of this, they even encourage men and women to commit it. But whoever supports it, this appreciation ignores the psychological dimension of human beings and the internal causes that lead one person to seek another to love each other. Based on the hedonistic enthusiasm, the excitement of the adventure and the supposed maturity of the couple who "accepts without any problem what happens" are thus the drivers of these practices in decadent and primary professionals.