Sex is always the maximum representation of pleasure and where we paradoxically place more rules. That which gives us morbidness is usually that which is forbidden. Sex will always be the fundamental motivation underlying all pursuit of carnal pleasure. When you have problems with sex you feel as if you have problems at all. Sexual pleasure is intimately linked to self-esteem. If you are able to produce pleasure in the other, you feel great. Keep eye on our blog and welcome to our free gay chatroulette.

Your sexual partner is not necessarily the partner you love

In sex, love matters little until you have sex in love. All sexual practices, however tender and soft, imply a violent act of penetration and reception. The sexual problem is sometimes a love problem. In sex everything is worth, including love. When you make love do not walk thinking if that is sex or make love. Is today the ideal time to solve any problem? Of course, after making love. Lack of orgasm is not a sexual problem. It's a mental problem. Sex is not guarantee of love, nor is love guarantee of sex. Human sexuality while less human more sexuality. The most enjoyable sexual act is the one where in the end you thank God for placing you there at that moment and with that couple. The fact that your partner achieves an orgasm does not mean that he is satisfied. The best lover is one who takes the time to give pleasure to the other. Impotence in man is always a suicide of self-esteem. When the mind enters, the orgasm goes out. No matter how hard we try, the woman's orgasm is always an act that she produces through you, not something that you achieve. Women want sex as much as men, only they think that it comes from love.

Sexual fantasy is always an act that in reality is never the same

Orgasm and anxiety are enemies to death where anxiety always kills orgasm. Female supremacy is demonstrated in that it is multiorgasmic and man does not. Understanding that the vagina is a power makes a woman a deadly weapon. Woman, who understands the power of sex, begins the conquest of her inner world. One of the fundamental dramas of man is that life puts him in the position of always having to ask for sex. The manly drama is that he cannot lie about whether he is excited or not. Every woman who understands that her sexuality always holds the power to choose, stops choosing imbeciles in her life. The sexual problems of a couple always get worse in bed. A man who is self-conscious about a sexual woman does not deserve it. A woman's sexuality resides in her imagination. The sexual role of the man is to always push and the woman always receive, that is, the da and she takes. Success is having sex making love. In an ideal world sex would be far from moral. No moralist has ever had wild sex. How sad is not it? In sex, usually dirty is the tastiest. A man, who dominates the art of thinking and feeling as a woman, manages to conquer her.