Formula of love: when true feelings will come?

"I saw him and I realized - it is fate." Why do we fall in love in one glance, and without looking back, and the other does not reciprocate, although it would seem, we have so much in common? And how do you know that this is the love of your life? Mankind is beating over many centuries unraveling the formula of love, trying to understand why the presence of a particular person is able to turn our life, why we fall in love with one and other and do not notice whether it is possible for someone to make us fall in love? An answer to these questions is so far. Yet science is well advanced in the study of the mechanisms of love. For example, I find out who we fall in love more often. So, the biologist Claus Wedekind found a direct connection between the drive and smell. As it turned out, we are drawn to those whose immune system is different from ours. Learn more with our alternative gay chat blog.

Another important nuance in the birth of love is the emotional connection.

Love arises out of a sense of intimacy, which may even be stronger than physical attraction. And in order to better determine the compatibility, just as quickly as possible and more honest to show who you really are. That is the nature gives us a signal - offspring with this partner will be strong and beautiful. Therefore, hair color, shape of the eyes and lips, natural smell, voice height - all these physical features can be "identifying marks" for the ideal partner, the most harmonious with the genetic point of view the pair.

How to understand that your new relationship have a future? Opposites attract?

We are often attracted to "native souls" or we are constantly confronted with their own opposites? Experts believe that the warm relationship develops at best similar to each other people. This sense of intimacy, a certain similarity warms relations. "General attitudes contribute to a better understanding of each other, - says psychologist Gian Gonzaga from the University of California. - A disagreement in the long term becomes a cause of a growing lack of understanding on both sides, which will have to overcome all the time. "

We unconsciously look for someone who would help us to "sculpt" the perfection of them

Opposites really are attracted due to the phenomenon of Michelangelo. Just as we define the ideal future partner, we create the image of an ideal self and at times unconsciously look for someone who would help us to "sculpt" from their perfection. And fall in love with a person, in which all those qualities are collected, which we do not have enough confidence.


"Each of us is already a teenager formed for a set of the character traits of other people, their values, preferences and behavior in relation to us, that we attract, - says anthropologist Helen Fisher, - but at the same time, these features do not must be nice. Imagine a girl whose alcoholic father turned his life into chaos - in the end, he decides that he would never date with such a man. Growing up, she chooses a husband impulsive alcoholic and beyond are constantly busy actor. What she was looking for in a partner? She did not say that spontaneity, but after this she was used to. It's part of his ideal."