The Grapes of Wrath: how to deal with envy in social networks

As stated by Mark Twain, not many of us can make a happy neighbor, especially at a time when social networks become personal PR sites, and to replace the envy of the gods came to envy my friends and followers. Festive marathon - is not just a party, gifts and other beauty. It is also a test: for the purse and figures. But especially - the self-assessment: social networks are transformed into a hybrid of smart windows and honor boards. It is not green with envy, like a tree, reading a picture of friends? Learn more with our random gay chat blog.

This music will be eternal

  • "Envy losers - the simplest measure of my success", - said the artist Salvador Dali. For these girls, too, should always be envious chorus.
  • Rihanna loves to spread in instagram and twitter her photos. Actress Amanda Bynes, a person is much less known than Ri-Ri, once wrote that in the comments: "Chris Brown beat you, because you're terrible!".
  • Detractors Sarah Chalcke expression and did not choose. Under the photo of cake, which is presented in honor of the presenter million subscribers in instagram, someone wrote: "Do not rejoice, then most of that neighing!"
  • Many haunted too glamorous life of Kim Kardashian. "Is that underwear or are you just mad crazy?" - Commented on the next chic outfit Star anonymous instagram wearer.
  • "The gods do not like happy people", - wrote the ancient historian Herodotus. Brag was dangerous - and to punish the inhabitants of heaven will envy. But modern man is alien to this ancient Greek modesty: in the information age, is about achievement, no one knows what its like and do not.
  • "Not many of us can make a happy neighbor," - said the writer Mark Twain. Of course, this is not about you - something you love your friends and always ready to be happy for them. That's only New Year's Eve falls too often enjoy.

You open the tape and generously distributing huskies. Startup classmate drew fifty million investments for the year. Colleague she lost fifteen kilograms and posted photos from the cubes on the press. Friends send pictures with Paradise Kusch Maldives and Bali. One friend was promoted to the director general, the other celebrates the New Year in a new building and is decorated with a new husband, a two-meter Christmas tree design toys. You press Like, Like, Like. And you feel all the more miserable. German researchers found that the strongest social networks provoke envy in photos from vacation. In second place - a stable, a large number of likes for posts.


Psychologist Hanna Gris from the Berlin Humboldt University found that every third user of Facebook feels dissatisfaction with his life after watching friends list. You experience irritation, resentment, hostility. You reproach yourself for what cannot be happy for any friends or to do the same as they are. Like?