Hello darkness my old friend: how to break the relationship that causes pain

We at free gay chatroulette blog know that to get away from the man and start a new life very difficult. But sometimes it is necessary. For such cases, Michael prepared step by step instructions.

Unfortunately, many people live in relationships that do not bring happiness. For example, you want to get married, but he is not ready, and you are not sure all the time with this topic jumps. The second situation: a man is drinking. What you do: and scandals, and went to his mother and begged, he swore-swore that start up, but continues to drink. And you and leave terrible, and throw a pity, but it is already unbearable. The third option: a womanizer. Treason, tears, hysterics - but he says that he loves, and you believe and forgive. Fourth: man you suppress, behaving disrespectfully, aggressively. Do you understand what kind of man you do not need, but there is no other. Fifth: You commodity-money relations. A man pays for everything, and you have never worked, are afraid of being alone, and all the suffering. All this is unhealthy, neurotic relationships, and get out of them is really hard. Woman neurotic head understands that it is necessary to go, but it is very dependent on the emotion that gives her man. Alcoholics, too, suffer from their addiction, understand that it is necessary to tie, but they have a need to drink. And women have a neurotic need for it in such a relationship, from which it is bad. And man-tormentor for it means much more than an ordinary man to a self-sufficient woman. So how do you get rid of dependence?

  • The first step to getting is to realize that it does not love. Of course, the girl neurotic says her friends: "I love him so much! Neither live nor breathe cannot live without him. " As evidence leads girlfriends happy rare episodes and says that it is for their lives with this man. For brief moments of joy in a sea of ​​misery. Tell me honestly, do you need? After all, you can be a happy one hundred percent of the time.
  • Second, stop feeling sorry for yourself. As long as you yourself regret you hostage position. When you stop doing it, you immediately realize that you have a choice.
  • Third, you need to prepare. If you have no money and you've learned that a man solves your problem, get a job, remove the housing. If you are doing well with money, but you are afraid of loneliness, go to relax and just starting to learn - not to get married, but not to be one.
  • Fourth - and this is very important. You must first sever relations, and not wait until your man to do it himself. Because if you throw, you have self-esteem crumbles. And if you leave itself, the self-esteem you will grow.

For what do these things? To give you a chance sooner or later, be happy. You are sure to find the love that you have never been. But in order to have loved a worthy man, you need to match it. And if you suffer humiliation for years and do nothing for fear of being alone, of no dignity cannot walk and talk. So go ahead, act.