"It's not what you think" why men cheat?

Man is polygamous being, this we know from biology course for eighth grade. Studies confirm this. In America, it conducted a public opinion poll, which later became famous. Scientists have asked you to change your spouse, if you knew exactly what he did not know about it? 92% of men and 88% of women answered yes. This is not to say that we are all bad - just that we all have sexual fantasies over which we have no control. Another thing is that if a person is of harmonious relations, it will be to control his impulses. So why men are cheating." Learn more with our gay chat blog.

If a person is of harmonious relations, it will control you.

  • The first reason. You and your partner's problems in sex. For example, different tempers he wants twice a day you - twice a month. Or are you too chaste in bed and cannot offer to the man what he wants. Or you will never initiate sex, which is very important for men. Sometimes just a bad compatibility, up to allergies. But instead of talking about the problems you both silent. As a result, accumulated dissatisfaction, frustration, and man realize his sexual desires on the side. In this case, it is necessary to solve problems, discuss them, to be open to experimentation. May address to the sexologist.
  • The second reason. Boys who have been dominating the mother or who did not have her attention grow and turn into ladies' men. Winning another woman, they assert themselves, and it is an endless process. Even if a man truly loves his wife, he will deal with her as a mother. How was your childhood? Mom found his cigarettes and commits him to the scandal. And then he changes his wife, she catches it and also to make a scene. It's kind of a game that he, of course, is not aware of. Such a man has no liability to the relationship. He's a child. And behaves accordingly, such as: "Well, Mom, well, the last time, I promise." But the last time there will be - this man must leave.
  • The third reason. Women dominate in a relationship, and it is not harmonious. There are couples where the man is satisfied, and then they are fine. I'm talking about another case: when a man feels discomfort from the fact that it all the time trying to alter. And he will be looking for a woman who will take it for what it is: his stomach, his salary, a small penis and fast sex.
  • The fourth reason. There are men with the mentality that I call the slave. He stole, and being caught - he gets pleasure from this. These people need all the time to experience an adrenaline rush, and his constant partner cannot give him that. Such a man is dragged from the fact that cheating. Type here I am a smart, cool and... You've got to change the partner, nothing more will not help.

The fifth reason - neurotic relationship. In healthy people libido - is attracted to the object of their sympathy. And many neurotic libidos are associated with a feeling of resentment. A man chooses a wife who pushes him, but it is played - avenging her lover starts. Such is not a simple construction.