To something as basic as sex

In terms of procreation the thing is even easier: we lie down, we give pleasure and we form a baby. Simple. Everything begins to become complicated at the moment when in man the largest pleasure center is near the anus (prostate). Read more with our blog and welcome to our gay chat.

The other roll is based on the fact that the largest pleasure organ in woman is in the clitoris, ie outside the vagina. Then we have 2 problems: the source of male pleasure is not his penis but his prostate and that of the woman is not vagina but clitoris. Taking into account the above then parampampan is armed since the 2 sources of pleasure have nothing to do with procreation. Sources of pleasure that do not involve procreation necessarily leads us to seek to enjoy it.

All pleasure produces repetition

It turns out that although it is said that homosexuality is anti-nature the truth is that from the beginning of human history, gay exists. When we get into the sexual tastes of others and start to determine what is bad or not, we complicate the simple, sex. The whole cultural roll on sexuality resulted in homosexuality being repressed.  I like a guy, not to have children with him but because I like him. Such a statement would be simple if it were not for the negative cultural charge. Something as simple as I like a guy (being a man) becomes a hell in a world that does not understand the simple of sex. It is not wrong to give anal sex to a woman but if it is wrong to do it to a man. It is so strange that criterion that even irrational seems. It turns out that although homosexuality has been from the beginning of history; to say that one is gay is a horrible thing. Thousands of religious and cultural arguments against homosexuality and all it means is: I like someone of my own gender. I like someone of the same sex. Universal declaration, simple, honest and that nothing changes who you are as a person.

They say that gay marriage is a perversion as if heterosexual marriage was an antidote to the immoral and perverse.

It is laughable because it is absurd to say that gay marriage fosters homosexuality, when all gays are children of heterosexual relationships. Until a guy does not get pregnant by the year, all the gays and lesbians of the world were born of heterosexual unions. Who does not tolerate homosexuals adopting children, I ask them: do we prohibit heterosexuals from having children so that they are not gay? No one should leave the closet since no one should be inside it. If I'm gay and straight, the difference is with who I go to bed. If a gay adopts a child what is the problem? What can happen to him? That he is gay? Straight marriages have gay children, and? How do you explain to a child who has 2 parents or 2 moms? Simple: in the same way that you would have to explain that he is the son of a single mother. To leave the closet implies to stop being afraid and to stop having it you have to have clear arguments. Homosexuality is as normal as heterosexuality. The criterion of abnormality is established is in procreation.