Relationships are now virtual. Sex is by message and love is a video conference. Now the emotions are emoticons and the poems with a copy and paste of some phrase of some half poet. Today, love is in social networks and through tips. The whole relationship is a reality show where everyone knows. Sex today does not start with the kiss. Starts with a photo sent through some messaging. The reality is that now the relationships are in 140 characters and in public view. The fantasy of getting to know each other in networks and getting in the love of your life in the virtual media is today a treasure. Read more with our blog and check out our random gay chat.

Virtuality has turned love into an expression through text messaging or states in social networks.

People today are known is through Facebook. Before seeing us in person, better to see your photos. The problem of virtual relationships is that if it is not written, it is not relationship. Everything is resolved through messages. The problem of relationships today is that they start from the sexual and even more, from the graphic. Pass me a naked photo. I will never forget the girl who told me not because I was fat, despite having given her pictures. There I realized the virtual vs the real. Relationships today have lost the courtship. That is not used; now give me your pin, pass your picture and we go to the hotel. There is nothing wrong with a virtual beginning of a relationship; the bad thing is that it continues only by that means. Today, safe sex is not with a condom, it is masturbating while you see the photo sent at the time of your sexual partner. There is nothing wrong with visual stimulation in the sexual, the problem is that now people are only related to the virtual. Suddenly there are people who live years in the virtual. Their relationships are not skin, they are on screen, message and video. There are people who got the love of their life in a social network. The point is not that, the point is the people who live looking for and not finding. Sex today is based on the photo you send me, the video we take and the erotic messages that we send.

Few people realize that relationships through text messages are profoundly inefficient.

The written messages are always read from the emotion of the one who reads and makes the majority of the messages are misunderstood How many millions of times have there been huge discussions over text messages that in person are mild debates? Virtual relationships are projective relations. You relate to what you place the other in virtuality. The point of the virtual relationship in its negative aspect has to do clearly with the narcissus aspect. Read me love me admire me There are people who fall in love with a tweet without realizing that he is a photo and some letters and that does not make a person, just a writer The basis of relationships today is the projective identification, that is, when I see things of mine in you, I fall in love.