You do not have time for jokes: why laughter can destroy relationships

Here, at our random gay chat blog we are going to talk about quiet difficult subject.

Donna seemingly has no disadvantages. On the contrary, it is one of the indisputable advantages: a lively mind and a tall, thin waist and a good heart, huge blue eyes and a big sense of humor. Strictly speaking, it is a sense of humor, and it should be considered as a major drawback. Over the past year she has had time to put in nine instagram photos with your boyfriend, boyfriend of the photographs have never been repeated cannot say that it appeals to me for consolation, -. Rather, ringing laugh together over the next touchy cavalier. The theme for its good-natured but endless jokes can become anything from the planned second chin to keep the habit fork in his right hand. "Fool, but you still I like you, otherwise why I meet with you?" - Something like she was trying to reassure everyone is gone forever in the darkness of the night gentleman. And each time, at the end of our conversation with her, when another bout of laughter subsides, she asks the same philosophical, but at the same time very practical question: "When I meet a man who will laugh with me, well, here's how you?" "I'm such a one" - to inform me before hanging up, and, of course, lying. Because in fact, even I do not like that. I am always ready to laugh at the same time as the next Bob, Kyle and James kind to his personality, but in all honesty, if I were to place any of these guys, I would have acted like a real man. That is offended and left.

Where is the problem?

The problem is that men - no matter how much they may be developed muscles, the Mediterranean sun and costumes sewn by hand on Savile Row - before the women's laughter completely naked and defenseless. The friendly atmosphere of eternal typical jokes for any company of men between the ages of six to ninety, kept on conditional "balance of power" on the belief that for every joke you can always answer.. Reply to a girl just cannot be the second method, and the first - too risky. Thus, caught in the fire of your jokes, man feels defenseless, helpless and humiliated as a result. Set sensations interesting, but let's face it is not the Disneyland.


Does that mean that owning a boyfriend, you should push your deeper sense of humor on a mezzanine or even exchange your laughter on the ability to predict the cost of a barrel of oil? Not at all. Laughing man can be - if you understand that we are not talking about his weaknesses. And even need if you're joking about his potential strengths. In other words - diffidence, sweating or poor knowledge of creativity is a bad excuse for jokes. A transcendental stubbornness, excessive concentration on work or pedantry - is an appropriate target for wit, as even if these qualities annoy you, he hardly they really ashamed. To make fun of the fact that his entire wardrobe consists of gray suits, white shirts and blue ties - can be. But giggling over the fact that all these costumes seventh graders for growth. In the end, if you really loud laughter without you life is not sweet, you can always laugh at his jokes. It is just absolutely safe.